Sounds like a lot ? That's a lot

You bought an apartment in a contractor project - whether it is a first apartment or you are a housing developer, there is always this dream of the designed apartment.

The one that will fit exactly to your needs and design taste. The one where you can entertain your friends and family and everyone will cheer on the style and style. The one that everything has its place and the disorder and mess that was in the previous apartment and "shit" with you will never come back because you learned the lesson! For years you have built this utopia in your head, you have worked and saved and when the moment of truth arrives, you discover that ... it is not that easy to translate it into the field. 


The "Tenant Changes in Style" Escort Program

In an efficient and focused process that we built after 15 years of deep specialization in the field and hundreds of successful apartments we are:

  1. We will crack and solve the space

  2. Built for you planning and design for the kitchen, living room, etc ..
    We will accompany you in the process near and far
    We will issue you professional plans for tenant changes

  3. We will help you put everything in a "shapely" budget

  4. We will arm you with an ongoing program after a developer that design never really ends. 

About the studio

The studio has been operating in the field since 2010 and specializes in the planning and design of apartments, private homes and commercial spaces.

In our work style we try to break the clean and minimalist line and bring it to new and unique places. All this is made possible by constantly updating the constantly evolving trends and design technologies, 

In addition, we specialize in accompanying and managing the project on all technical aspects.

You can leave details and we will get back to you for a suitable consultation and offer here


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