The Great Glossary

Samples and textures

  Pattern pattern - repeated print - usually in fabrics or artificial materials on which samples are printed.  

Random Patterns -  A repeat that is repeated once every few sections so as not to create repetitiveness as seen in wallpapers for example.  


Texture - texture (usually materials such as stone, iron, leather, etc.)

Gloss finish -  Glossy nail polish, looks like a layer of glass gloss on the material

Sleek finish -  Polished material for a glossy look without glaze or layer. The shine comes from polishing the material itself (for example marble tiles or porcelain granite  To the floor). There are several levels of polishing. From glossy to matte.

Silk matte finish - very delicate shine, the reflections are very soft and only of strong lighting like daylight.

Matte finish - almost complete opacity  For reflections

Velvet matte - similar to silk matte but the touch of the material feels a little  velvety

Pato finish with floor tiles -  Semi-glossy, the glaze is partially partially polished at minimal points or in a certain pattern which gives the tile a semi-glossy look.


Warm white - a white shade with a very slight tendency to cream. As a milk color. Usually matte silk.


Cold white - white with a tendency to bluish / gray.  


Warm gray - gray with a tendency to stone color


Cold gray - as its name implies. The natural gray obtained from a blend of black and white

Light blue - the most trendy today, gray with a slight tendency to blue. A refreshing shade

Silver gray - very similar to azure gray, usually light in a shade reminiscent of metal like aluminum

Gray - The combination of the words gray (gray) to beige. The middle is actually obtained from the combination of shades.  

Mocha, Ness Coffee and all the families of the stimulating drink - a beige shade with a tendency to pastels

Khaki - like the previous one, with a tendency to turn green

Camel - a deep mocha shade, less pastel (more saturated in hue and not softened by gray).  

Mobility or powder - skin tone, comes in several dark grades. This is the pink that most people like from magazines but are afraid to do at home  

Sand shade - as its name implies ..

Warm black - not absolute black (not 100 percent) but lighter. It is not that it has a yellowish tint but that it is less black. Like this text

Manhattan - Rarely used in professional language, just a medium warm gray.

Antique Pink - Deep pink with a slight tendency to light burgundy. open to interpretation.  

Eggplant - black and purple

Peach / Peach (Pottery) / Pottery Shade - Similar to a mobile shade but with a tendency to stain


Brass or brass - yellow metal similar to gold. This metal is made of all the gilded items you see in stores. Comes in glossy, matte  Usually polished with a delicate blackened texture that gives this metal its special and beloved look.

Silver - light silver hue usually plated  Silver is usually matte silk and not the metal itself. Also called light gray shades with a tendency to blur  As Silver Gray.

Chrome - Glossy nickel. Point at familiar faucets. This is actually a coating and not the metal itself.

Stainless steel - a mixture of several materials that form a semi-shiny metal. Compares an industrial or commercial look as it is linked to the professional restaurant world.  

Aluminum - a metal that is usually not shiny at all, a matte silk with a light shade. Can be painted and can be used in many shapes.  

Iron - Heavy, dark metal is used to design furniture and special items that are characterized by very thin lines because its strength and weight allow it. It is also possible to fight and produce a wide variety of designs.

copper  (copper) - a metal with a reddish tinge.  

Calvin -  Lighting unit of measurement unit.  

Lumen - a unit of measurement for intensity  light  

Apply -  Indirect lighting that is projected to some surface upwards towards the ceiling and returns to the space as soft light

Download -  Direct downward lighting

LED -  

Clear glass -  Transparent glass without the greenish tint of regular glass