Escort routes for interior design

* For January-February 2021 .

Did you buy an apartment from a contractor and feel a little lost in the process? Interested in renovating your existing home and do not know what to start with?  Receive our goal-oriented escort programs at special prices for January-February 2021.

The service is provided in the wide central area. There are routes for remote escort. ** Final approval of the plan will be given after reviewing the plan and the client's budget

4. "Boutique apartment"

Personal sewing on the way to a magazine apartment

29,000 NIS

Close escort all the way to a boutique apartment in personal sewing. Maximum design that can be obtained. Designed for high budgets. Suitable for apartments in contractor projects and renovations. 

3. "Apartment in style" 

From a standard apartment to an apartment designed in a super style.  

22,500 NIS 


Close escort all the way to the dream apartment. Our sought-after and affordable route!  Suitable for apartments in contractor projects and renovations.

2. "Sampled apartment"

Everything for the contractor! We will sample the apartment and tailor it for you.

11,000 NIS  

The perfect route for those who want to plan their new apartment on the way to the ideal design.


From the studio designs

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Did you buy an apartment from a contractor?

Why work with an interior designer if you can do it yourself?

Buyers of an apartment from a contractor are presented during the sale with an optimistic picture of a sample apartment and promises of a high standard. The sale plan shows that the apartment is resolved and paints everything pink. When it comes to getting things done a little differently and the problems start.


Suddenly, after everything seems to be going smoothly, one receives a stressful letter from tenant changes demanding that all decisions and elections be completed within a few months and sometimes a few weeks. From this moment the customer enters the race against the time when he has to make countless decisions in an area in which he lacks experience, with each decision having a heavy economic weight and an impact on the quality of life in the apartment.


Working in front of an interior design studio, with experience in a wide variety of projects, small and large, will save you this step. An interior designer will accompany and guide you, present you with alternatives for planning, help you with your choices and produce a set of plans for the contractor in which solutions for all the apartment systems will be presented.

Let's talk about, too  Design

We constantly talk about saving time, energy and money when working with a professional in the field. What if you also get design for all this? Who does not dream of what his new home will look like? How does he implement all the design fantasies from everything he has seen on Instagram and Pinterest and turn it into a magazine apartment? An experienced interior designer knows how to lead you to such an apartment - to live in your dream. With a minimum of glitches, complications, headaches and the risk of a poor result that a lot of money was paid for.

To sum up: an interior design service provides a large number of benefits and constitutes a very high ratio of return versus a safe investment.  

The recurring mistake


Quite a few of the customers who contact us arrive late. After realizing that they are unable to cope with the tenants' changes and their rigid requirements. And after realizing that something is still wrong with the planning and elections - that it's just going too hard and expensive to do things unintentionally. Also many customers complain about impatience or professionalism on the part of the contractor suppliers, especially on the part of the kitchen companies - the space where most of the budget is invested for upgrades and do not provide security in planning and proper attention to customer requests.  

Your hours cost much more

Learning the subject independently takes time. Meetings for choosing finishing materials and price comparisons are time consuming as you do not know the market in depth and there is a lot of confusion. An interior designer who knows the market in depth will shorten the processes for you and save you time. And time is worth money.

Suitable for everyone? Yes.

With a wide selection of plans - from a consulting meeting, through accompaniment to a contractor stage to full plans, there is a solution for every budget. So the question is why not?

What can be found in the escort routes?

Each track includes some or all of the sections mentioned below and is built from studio experience in order to provide an efficient service tailored to different budgets.  

1. Diagnostic session

A meeting in which we go through the program, review it and raise all the questions. In this meeting we will also talk about budget, design style, we will make a list of special needs and requests, we will talk about delivery times and we will talk in depth about the process.  


2. Planning  

Planning the space of the apartment, dividing walls and placing furniture and kitchen. The design includes the entire space of the apartment, and the customer is offered a number of alternatives up to satisfaction.  

3. Set of architectural plans for the contractor

Includes the above plans that are submitted to the contractor after selecting the finishing materials and finishing the kitchen planning.  The following is a list of the set of plans:

Km: 1:50

3.1 Position plan:

A plan in which all the details of the furniture and the kitchen are sketched at a glance. In the program  This can be seen in the relationship between the different pieces of furniture. This plan forms the basis for planning and it affects other plans such as electricity and lighting that are adapted to the locations of the furniture. It is usually customary to provide a number of alternatives from which to choose the best one for the customer's needs

Km: 1:50

3.2 Construction plan

The plan for building the walls and dividing the space, specifying dimensions, distances, and any other relevant information for the construction. This plan is presented at a glance and sometimes also cuts and frontal views are added for further and more in-depth detail as needed. 

K: M 1:50, 1:20

3.3 Plumbing plan

A plan in which all the plumbing accessories in the apartment space will be located, which include: toilet locations, concealed Niagaras, faucets, air conditioner drains, drainage channels, basins, etc. All this in specifying dimensions, heights, and technical details for the application that are related to complex accessories. It is customary to add local facades to indicate the heights of the taps recessed in the wall, details of drainage channels, etc. The gas points in the apartment will also appear in this plan. 

K: from 1:50

3.4 Lowering and Air Conditioning Plan

In this plan, we will plan everything related to lowering gypsum for lighting, closing over cabinets or kitchens, implementing an air-conditioning engine and air outlets and service openings in the ceiling. Spots or recessed lighting strips, recessed details and hidden lighting will also be indicated. 

K: from 1:50

3.5 Electrical plan

A program with an overview of a companion in the Bible, in which we will place all the points of electricity, communication, audio, protection, etc.  Except for lighting-related points and switches that will be made in a separate lighting program,  Despite the connection between the two plans. The electrical plan refers to the positions of the furniture we determined in the position plan. Accuracy is of great importance especially at points that are supposed to be hidden behind furniture or in the kitchen. 

K: from 1:50

3.6 Lighting plan

A plan with a view accompanied by a lighting bible, in which we will place all the lighting feeds and switches in the ceiling, walls and even floors if any. It is advisable to refer in this plan to the types of fixtures that will be purchased later and to proper lighting design in terms of suppliers according to the types of rooms. In addition, a number of lighting scenarios will sometimes be offered according to the desired atmosphere.

K: from 1:50

3.7 Flooring plan

A plan in which we will see how the tiles are laid out on the floors of the various rooms. We will indicate if there is parquet and which substrate should be prepared, as well as the grade. In addition we will describe which panels will be performed 

K: from 1:50

3.8 Bathroom layouts

A plan in which we will see how the tiles are laid out on the floors of the various rooms. We will indicate if there is parquet and which substrate should be prepared, as well as the grade. In addition we will describe which panels will be performed 


4. Meetings for choosing finishing materials

When yes they are, meetings in the contractor stores in order to select the finishing materials for the apartment. Finishing materials include the whole matter of different flooring and cladding, kitchen design, bathrooms, bedrooms and balconies.  


5. Remote counseling  

Consulting and planning in sending plans, exchanging photos and answering questions and dilemmas in WhatsApp, phone and email. These are escort hours for everything, even if they are not frontal, which provide an additional and significant escort layer. The advice is given for the sections of the chosen route.  

6. Carpentry specifications and frames

Planning and design of artisan carpentry details and iron frames (furniture, libraries, etc.). The design goes down to the smallest details of the furniture in order to make it a creation for everything without detracting from the practical side.   

7. Field inspection visit

This is not a close or superior supervision, but a visit to examine the work and provide comments for change if the work was not carried out according to the plans or if the work is not of high quality and satisfactory.  


8. Meeting in the apartment at the end of the work

Despite the long accompaniment and meticulous attention to detail, most customers do not know how to arrange and place the space and home style items in a professional manner. We are here to help you with guidance on how and how to do this and also check if something is missing for the design.

In conclusion:

As you have seen, the work includes many components and is spread over a long period of time - sometimes up to 3 years and even longer. All the time we work together we are with you on any question or dilemma. Now choose the right program for you and contact us.


Prices and plans are subject to final approval by the studio after a call and plan diagnosis and additional details.