This guide demonstrates how to become a standard contractor apartment  For an apartment that feels in the village with urban chic 

The guide to designing a country-style contractor apartment


Image by Heather Ford
לייאאוט כפרי.jpg
עיצוב דירה בסגנון כפרי

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A proposed plan


We will first address the plan at the planning level and then move on to elements and materiality


Position: We will move the electrical cabinet to the entrance hall and remove the wall next to the refrigerator.  In addition, we planned a large closet at the entrance that will also serve as a coat closet and additional storage for the kitchen. In this option we will give up an island in the kitchen and in its place we will set up a dining table that will be used for both daily meals and entertaining by opening it.

כפרי מבט אלכסוני לארון כניסה.jpg

Kitchen -  "R" shaped with a table in the center in combinations of wood and light gray color and elements in mustard and bluish yellow. The resulting look is urban and rustic. Pay attention to the entrance cabinet, lighting fixtures  And the multiplicity of details that match the style. In the kitchen instead of top cabinets, we will install wooden shelves with iron clasps. Again we in this mirror are sometimes looking for less cleanliness and more exposed details. Yes see the containers sitting on the shelves. Pay for it with a bit of practicality but it matches the style for those who like.

The dining area is located in a place that allows it to be opened for entertaining and we still have space for a huge service closet at the entrance.

In general note that this is a more country style lite, below you will see how to take it for the more traditional country look.
Flooring - a variety of oak parquet applied in the "Fishbon" configuration (Xs).

פרט דופן מטבח.jpg
מטבח פרט מדף.jpg
מטבח כפרי מבט לספריה.jpg
מטבח כפרי מבט לספריה.jpg

In the living room is a library in a thin iron design in a black shade. Combining iron with wood is a prominent feature of the country style that uses materials and elements with a more exposed look. 

פרט ספריה.jpg
מבט לספה גדולה.jpg
עיצוב כפרי 2.jpg

Want to take the design to an even more rustic look?

Just use softer shades and materials like cream, khaki, wood and stone. Note that I took the same design and with the help of changing materials and number of elements the space got a more rustic dimension.

For a warmer and more rustic look - I used shades of cream, wood and khaki and stone floor here. The chairs have been replaced with painted wooden chairs and the ledge above the kitchen sink has been replaced with a carpentry cabinet that combines glass showcases patterned with a mesh and an upper cornice.

עיצוב כפרי 2 ארון כניסה2.jpg
עיצוב כפרי 2 מבט אלכסוני.jpg

In conclusion - 
The country style is very characterized by a large number of carpentry details and blacksmithing. In many cases it is necessary to plan specifically for certain dimensions when the important thing is the balance between the elements so that no load and heaviness is created. 

Attention must also be paid to the matter of lighting, both at the design level and at the practical level - and most importantly start with the position plan that will give you the most correct solutions for the division of space and furniture locations. 

The colors and furniture you choose will determine what style you will take the design for. Colorful and happy or quiet and gentle.

Do not be afraid to create an eclectic look if you like. Combining modern design with rustic. It's all a matter of balance.



תכנית קבלן מקורית.jpg

Original plan - of the contractor


For the purpose of the demonstration, we will take an average contractor apartment and design it according to the lines of the contemporary country style. 

The country style can be designed with modern touches and one can walk all the way towards the country and even Tuscan.

Regarding the apartment we designed  - This is a small apartment with 5 rooms in a construction evacuation project in Ramat Gan.

פרט ארון קיר.jpg
פרט ארון קיר.jpg