A little about the process:

The home design process begins with an investigation of the customer's needs and desires and an examination of the space in question. After the investigation phase, we can offer a number of design directions while exposing the customer to a number of design styles. The line we design is modern, contemporary and clean, but even in this design line there are a large number of sub-styles. Together we will try to adjust the exact style and this of course in relation to the pre-defined budget.

The next step will actually be the planning of the space, the division of the walls and the proposal of a number of position plans for the kitchen, furniture and the various elements. In the design we will take into account a solution of different systems such as air conditioning, lighting, plumbing, electricity, etc .. We will assimilate the systems in the design in a hidden or visible and decorative way, depending on the style and constraints.

Once the space is "solved" we will proceed to purchase the finishing materials, kitchen, carpentry details and other complementary items, we will issue plans for quotations (and further execution) and accompany the client until the end of the project while supervising and guiding what is done.