The guide to designing an apartment in a clean modern style

The guide to designing an apartment in a clean modern style

In this guide we will demonstrate how to turn a standard contractor apartment into an apartment with a clean architectural design

Original plan - of the contractor


For the purpose of the demonstration, we will take an average contractor apartment and design it according to the lines of the modern style. Many also call this style a clean line  Or contemporary. This style can be get a warm and rich or cold and minimalist look - it all depends on the materiality and dosage of the items.

Regarding the apartment we designed  - This is a small apartment with 5 rooms in a construction evacuation project in Ramat Gan.

תכנית קבלן מקורית.jpg

A proposed plan


We will start with the position plan and division of walls.  Note that it will change  Problems with the dining table, and the relatively small dimensions of the kitchen.

In this program  We will make a significant change in the division of the walls when we remove the wall that separates the living room from the adjacent bedroom.  And turned the same room into a dining area.  


Of course this is not always possible and depends on the number of people living in the apartment and other considerations. I have come across quite a few cases where in 5-room apartments, the room next to the living room and kitchen is turned into a playroom for children, an office for work from home or as in our case in this guide - for conversion for a dining area.

In addition, fortunately for us in this apartment, the security room is remote and does not limit us in changes (security room and top wall can not be changed). The dimension is often located in the center of the space and prevents walls from changing
  Then other solutions need to be found.

לייאאוט מודרני.jpg

Carpentry structure for TV sunken as part of the kitchen island - saves space and increases the living room space

מבט למטבח מהסלון.jpg

The kitchen has 2 strips (island and high) with a bold niche for the sink. All in light shades (white and concrete-like decton). In the background is a huge utility cabinet with veneer cladding that "heats up" the space

מבט לפנים המטבח.jpg
מבט לפרט טלויזיה.jpg

Separating the cooking area from the sink area produces an abundance of work surfaces. You can also completely separate the areas using a service sink on the island.

מבט מחלון סלון לדלת כניסה.jpg

Carpentry structure for TV sunken as part of the kitchen island - saves space and increases the living space

A view of the dining area. Use of a minimalist table and chairs with a contemporary look and yellow hue. At the back of the dining area is an element made of painted iron - adds a modern three-dimensional texture to the space.

מבט לפינת אוכל 1.jpg
מבט לספריה.jpg
In conclusion - 

Apartment design begins with the position plan. Examine the number of positions, each according to its advantages and disadvantages and then choose the right position for you. From here it is already possible to continue the design when every element is sitting in the place - furniture, kitchen, cladding, lighting and decorative elements. Of course the choice of finishing materials and the rest of the design will ultimately provide the personal stamp for your successful design.