Yaniv Solomon interior design

Designing living spaces in a contemporary clean line

We have been providing interior design and project management services for our clients for nearly 15 years. The emphasis in our design is on clean and functional planning combined with the best leading trends in the world of design. We also focus on optimizing  the process for the customer so that he gets the most out of his budget and precious time.


אם אתם לקראת עיצוב הדירה או הבית אנו מזמינים אתכם להתייעץ איתנו בנושא ולקבל הצעה ממגוון מסלולי הליווי שלנו. ​

Our service includes


- selected works -

Penthouse, Holon

Penthouse apartment design in a modern design with touches of color and special items that give the apartment a look that moves on the line between Nordic and minimalist