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Keren and David Hazan Stimler

It is not easy to choose your partner for life and family building, nor is it easy to choose the location and size of that cell.  But the biggest surprise came when we were required to choose the designer and tuner of that dream home  About three years ago we set out on a journey whose end may be known but not Naphtali  The number of nodes and dilemmas exceeded the approximate  The moments of doubt were many and more than once we felt that we did not have the tools to make the right decision.  From the moment we chose to work with you we had the feeling that we had made the right decision.  Indeed - good advice, attentive ear and professional support we have always received  And welcome.  Remember the moments when we browsed the internet in search of the same man / woman  To lead the project from beginning to end  Will give a line, guide, attend meetings and be an active partner in so many future deliberations, be attentive to practice but also to the strong desire and secret dream where every moment we open the door we will fall in love with it again and only want to stay inside it as a safe haven.

So Yaniv Yakiri - successful and huge.  Always with a smile and patience,  Under difficult moments of stress,  Unfounded contractor requirements,  Customers do not compromise, schedule changes,  Supplier delays  And so many years.  You have united and kneaded everything like to create artistic clay and that is what we want  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Proof to us that designing an apartment is a long and sometimes tedious process, but in spite of everything it is possible and worthwhile to enjoy it.

Shamir and Anat Kaminecki ​

We met Yaniv about five years ago after wandering around websites for a long time and his site captured our hearts.

We met a talented, creative, pleasant, endlessly patient man who quickly connected to our needs and design taste. From the first moment the dialogue between us and him flowed in a very positive way and violated the whole process.

The lengthy work process included many meetings, some of which were of a design nature, some of which were of a technical nature, some of which took place in the mother area in very many stores.  We visited them together to choose  In all relevant areas, and if in customers' homes to be impressed by different design styles.

During this long period we made two significant renovations that involved a great deal of our deliberations, Yaniv accompanied us with endless professionalism and patience all the way.

Throughout the process, we felt that Yaniv was making no effort to expand the design and functional options available to us within the limits of the existing data.

More than once, when we got tired, he got us back to business with some innovative and sweeping idea.

The results are wonderful and exciting and for that we are deeply grateful to Yaniv.

Marina and Rafi Argaz

Yaniv, dear !!! We have been together for over a year and a half and although I have thanked you several times, it is time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the professional and caring accompaniment and recommend to all those looking for a high level "out of the box" designer, not another designer Knows how to design everything everywhere. Every house that a designer produces looks different as the character of the people for whom he designs their home. It takes very little time to absorb the customer's taste and build a line and offer different and weird solutions. A little ... my husband, who was very skeptical about needing a designer, when he saw the end result said: "Really Yaniv played it" and believe me it means a lot. I personally believe that once I decided  That the house will be designed by a professional, I should have an open mind and not be afraid to dare.

Yaniv takes any failure or problem with the craftsmen very personally, as if this is the only apartment he designs. The relationship with him becomes in a very short period of time personal. Building a new apartment or renovations, usually, take a lot of mental strength from us, Yaniv has always been by our side, supported and helped, he fought for the client to the end, not "overlapping" and very considerate of budget.

  You can be sure that with Yaniv's design, there will no longer be a house similar to yours.

Yaniv, I am available to anyone who is undecided and confirms to hand over my phone.

Thanks again for what was and what will be.

Jenny and Ohad Schwarzberg

We arrived at Yaniv after looking at the portfolio on the site that spoke exactly to the style and atmosphere we wanted to infuse in our new apartment - modern and clean with happy touches of color.

After the introductory meeting and setting the direction and budget,  We set off during which we received personal guidance of the design process, architectural drawings, joint visits to the stores and a round of home dressing to finish.

The main destination is complete! It has been almost 3 years since we moved into our apartment and yet every morning we enjoy waking up to a stunning home  Fun to be in and host in it (even the guests do not remain indifferent).

And there is also a bonus - the decision to use Yaniv to design the house saved us a lot of valuable time  Of running around stores, and avoiding unnecessary shopping. The process was in a pleasant atmosphere along with attention to every little detail,  Tailored to the budget and tailored to us and remembered by us as a great experience.

Angela and Yevgeny Jacobson

When you want to renovate an apartment and do not understand anything about it, it is important to find something that can be trusted in decisions

His. And this is not a simple task in itself as how can you trust a person you barely know.
That's how it started with Yaniv with you. Very quickly we gained confidence as we realized we were dealing with a very skilled designer. Patience, the ability to listen, assertiveness in working with a remodeling contractor, creativity and a deep understanding of our needs made the work process enjoyable and pleasant. We were not easy customers at all. Our desire to live in a beautiful apartment pushed us to "drive" Yaniv crazy. Despite our rigidity Yaniv always found the right way to find a creative solution and even when everything was clear Yaniv's last touch made good planning excellent. Thanks to you, Yaniv, today we have a beautiful apartment where every touch of the wall, kitchen, counter, furniture reminds us of you and the amazing treatment we received.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart  Yevgeny  And Angela  Jacobson.

 תמר וגיא​ אילת

יניב היקר! תודה רבה על תהליך כיפי, נעים ומקצועי שנמשך כמה שנים, משלב התכנון עד לפרטים הקטנים. תודה על הסבלנות, ההקשבה, התמיכה, אלפי הוואטסאפים וההתלבטויות, הפגישות וההסתובבויות. הבדיחות והצחוקים לאורך הדרך ובעיקר על התוצאה המהממת. תמר מאושרת  (וגם שאר בני הבית). אנחנו אוהבים את התוצאה כל כך, נהנים להיות בבית הנעים והשיקי שלנו וחייבים לך תודה גדולה. עד לפעם הבאה 

רבקה ומרדכי כ. 

יניב, משכעת הגיעו לסיומן עבודות הדירה, ברצוננו להביע את תודתנו על שירות נפלא, שניתן מכל הלב על ידך. הובלת את התכנון באופן משביע רצון כמו גם את יישומו בפועל. הננו מודים לך מקרב לב ושמחים על בחירתנו בך והעבודה המשותפת עמך וממליצים בחום עליך כבעל מקצוע מצוין וכשרוני.

מיטל וסער מרזן

יניב האהוב, תודה רבה על עיצוב מקסים שהגשים את החלום שחיכינו לו כל כך. איזה כיף לראות שהכל במקום, מסודר, מדויק הן מבחינת חומריות וצבע והן מבחינת מידות. שלכל דבר יש את המקום שלו והכל מתכנס בצורה כל כך מקצועית ומדוייקת. 

והכי חשוב תודה על המון סבלנות מצידך. גם מולנו וגם מול בעלי המקצוע, ספקים וגורמים אחרים שהיו מעורבים.

נזכור תמיד את השירות הנפלא!

ואלרי ואייל דהרי​

עם יניב עברנו כברת דרך עם 2 דירות. הפעם הראשונה היתה כשהכרנו אותך כזוג צעיר בתחילת הדרך כאשר רכשנו את דירתנו הראשונה. למרות מגבלות השטח והתקציב הצלחנו להעמיד בסופו של דבר דירה מקסימה שהעניקה לנו אושר רב. בדירה הבאה לאחר מספר שנים כבר פגשנו בך כאשר עברנו לדירה גדולה יותר ותקציב יותר מאפשר. ההחלטה לעבוד איתך בשנית היתה הכי קלה ובטוחה כי ידענו שאנחנו בידיים הנכונות וגם בפעם הזו אנו מרוצים ומאוהבים בתוצאה ובתהליך. ביצירתיות מדהימה סיפקת עבורנו את כל הצרכים והדרישות אשר באנו איתם. על כן רוצים להודות לך וכמובן בתקווה שנשוב לעבוד יחדיו שוב!

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