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About the studio

The studio, located in Tel Aviv, has been operating in the field since 2010 and specializes in the planning and design of residential homes and commercial spaces.

In our work style we try to break the clean and minimalist line and bring it to new and unique places. All this is made possible by constantly updating the constantly evolving trends and design technologies, 

In addition, we specialize in accompanying and managing the project on all technical aspects.

You can leave details and we will get back to you for a suitable consultation and offer here


Over the years I have accompanied many clients to design apartments, private homes, shops and showrooms. Recently, I finished designing the branches of Bnei Brak, Karmiel and Kiryat Ata of the "Avivi Kitchens" chain. This work includes the planning of the branches from the construction phase and concept designs for the new kitchen line. In the design process, I provide my clients with a wide toolbox for understanding the crystallizing design and accompany them in connecting the entire puzzle with the various suppliers and professionals in a professional, fun and experiential process.  


I invite you to experience my world of design on the site, on the Facebook page, Pinterest and Instagram. 

Wondering how and when to start?

Contact me and we'll start talking about how your home is going to look

Yaniv Solomon

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